Do Bug Zappers Work on Mosquitoes?

Do Bug Zappers Work on Mosquitoes

Do bug zappers really work on mosquitoes? Well, generally, bug zappers attract insects using ultraviolet light. There is a mesh cage that surrounds the light fixture that is energized with a low voltage current. What happens is that insects are attracted to the UV light that makes them attempt to pass through the electrified mesh. … Read more

Kinds of Bug Zappers

Kinds of Bug Zappers

Maybe you’ve heard about bug zappers through friends, co-workers, television, magazine ads, or the Internet. If you are familiar with the terms and want to know more before purchasing one, this article will explain how it works along with the different kinds. For a more comprehensive bug zapper comparison, read below.  Bug Zappers Bug zappers … Read more

Bug Zapper and Mosquito Trap Differences

Bug Zapper and Mosquito Trap Differences

While bug zappers and mosquito traps have similar aims, they have plenty of differences to eliminate the pesky insects. There are many debates about bug zappers versus mosquito traps. Chances are, you might have stumbled onto these arguments online or in real life while researching the device. Still, as far as merits go, the kind … Read more

All About Solar Bug Zappers

All About Solar Bug Zappers

Bug zappers are electricity-powered devices that can kill mosquitoes in an instant. They are quick-acting, convenient, and usually work well.

Are mosquitoes attracted to bug zappers? Yes, they are, due to the light that the zapper emits. These insects fly towards the light that the device produces, and once they come into contact with the unit’s charged grid, they get electrocuted and die. 

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Are Bug Zappers Really Effective?

Are Bug Zappers Really Effective

Flying, biting insects can prove to be a huge annoyance at home. They cannot be avoided, and where there’s shrubbery, bushes, and high grass, they’re in there. Where there’s water, they’re in it, progressing into adulthood. Mosquito bites are not just a bothersome issue we have to deal with, especially in the summer. They are … Read more

Taking Care of Bug Zappers: From Cleaning to Troubleshooting

Taking Care of Bug Zappers

Bug zappers can get rid of flying pests in the house effectively, and you will witness fast results too. Because they use electricity, the insects that come into contact with the device’s electrically charged grid get shocked within seconds, then eliminated. But they do need proper maintenance every now and then. Even the most powerful … Read more