Mosquito Larvicide (Larvae Control by Water Treatment)

mosquitoes in water-mosquito larvicide

Mosquitoes breed in a variety of aquatic habitats with stagnant water. Some species use human-made containers associated with human habitats such as tires, bins, gutters, rain barrels, or birdbaths as breeding sites. Other floodwater species hatch in great numbers at the same time after heavy rain or flooding. Control strategies depend on species and the …

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Mosquito Dunks (Effective, Safe and Affordable!)

mosquito larvae eat mosquito dunks

We may earn a commission for purchases using links on our site. Learn more. Do you have standing water in your garden and a problem with mosquitoes? If so, mosquito dunks could be the perfect solution. They are effective, safe, and inexpensive. Read on to find out how and where to use them. What are …

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