All About Solar Bug Zappers

Bug zappers are electricity-powered devices that can kill mosquitoes in an instant. They are quick-acting, convenient, and usually work well.

Are mosquitoes attracted to bug zappers? Yes, they are, due to the light that the zapper emits. These insects fly towards the light that the device produces, and once they come into contact with the unit’s charged grid, they get electrocuted and die. 

There are plenty of available bug zappers and mosquito traps on the market today, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties looking for one. There are insect-killing solutions for every bug problem, and one solution available is the solar bug zapper.

The solar bug zapper operates by using harvested energy coming from the sun over the course of the day. The units get their energy source by way of solar panels integrated on the top of the device. The panels charge the device’s rechargeable batteries, which operate all through the night after getting 8-12 hours of sunlight in the daytime.

The UV batteries of the unit lure bugs from up to a half-mile away, then get eliminated with up to 300 volts of electricity. A luminous day can supply a sufficient 8-12 hours of power, but solar-powered bug zappers can still operate all night following a day of modest, if not maximized, sunlight exposure.

Plenty of hovering bugs are lured by the light, and in the evenings when the natural light resource is uninvolved, the insects come to the device and get shocked by the electrical charge of the unit.

A majority of solar bug zappers acquire sufficient energy to charge the UV lights through the night, while several models also include automatic features that switch the UV light on at twilight so users are not obligated to worry about the unit all the time.

Usually, solar bug zappers are hung on the wall, and they are designed to eliminate flying bugs like gnats, midges, and mosquitoes. Solar bug zappers are also a great way to eliminate insects without utilizing harmful chemicals. Thus, users won’t have to deal with toxins and other harsh upshots that often result from the use of certain chemicals.

However, bug zappers are not discriminating when it comes to insects. It will kill any insect that gets lured into its electrically-charged trap. So that means it will also get rid of harmless ones and even insects that actually benefit your surroundings.

There are also arguments wherein researchers say that insects, specifically mosquitoes, are not really attracted by the UV light that comes from bug zappers. Instead, they are more attracted to the smell of CO2, or carbon dioxide.

Mosquitoes track down their prey by following CO2 trails whenever humans and animals breathe out. It has been proven that mosquitoes can perceive rates of 50 parts per million, thus they can track down prey easily, and quickly.

This does not mean that bug zappers like solar-powered ones do not work as effectively as their counterparts. There are a good number of bug zappers that do work. They work fast, and they are pretty convenient since you can get rid of those pesky annoyances within seconds.

The kind of bug zapper you buy will depend on your preferences. Solar-powered bug zappers operate in a similar vein as common bug zappers, except they do not utilize electricity, and instead rely on sunlight.

Then again, you have to provide a bit of patience for this kind of setup because of the charging system. The benefits, though, will make you smile since it does not use electricity and is environment-friendly to boot.

Bug zappers and those solar models can be found in your brick and mortar home improvement stores and they can also be purchased online. If you have a hard time deciding what to buy, you can refer to online reviews to make your purchase easier.

Online reviews are usually unbiased judgments shared by customers, and they can help you with your buying decisions.

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