About Bugzapperz

Welcome to Bugzapperz.com. It’s a website; built for people who, like me, want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the constant nuisance and health risks posed by mosquitoes. We review mosquito traps and repellents and provide articles on mosquitoes to help you understand the habits of these annoying insects.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bugzapperz.com has always been to educate and empower individuals to understand the biology of mosquitoes and learn the most effective ways to control them.

Our Story

Bugzapperz.com was started as a response to an experience that hit close to home – my son had health complications from mosquito bites.

That moment sparked my commitment to uncovering the truth about mosquito control. Interestingly, our journey began with a focus on bug zappers which, as it turns out, weren’t the silver bullet I had hoped for against mosquitoes – they also harmed many beneficial insects in the process. This was a pivotal moment for Bugzapperz, reshaping our approach towards more targeted and environmentally friendly methods of mosquito control.

Over time, Bugzapperz has evolved from a simple blog to a robust platform filled with informational articles, product reviews, and practical tips. I’m proud to say that we’ve been part of many people’s lives, guiding them to make informed decisions so they can fully enjoy their time outside with fewer interruptions from pesky mosquitoes and prevent the diseases they can carry. Stick with us, and you’ll not only find remedies that physically repel these biting insects but also gain the knowledge to outsmart them right in your backyard.

Meet Peter – The Mind Behind Bugzapperz.com

I’m Peter, and Bugzapperz.com is my creation, born from a blend of frustration and resolve. When one of my sons faced health issues due to mosquito bites, it catapulted me into a world where understanding these tiny pests became paramount.

In the beginning, Bugzapperz was all about the zap—those electrifying devices that promised a bug-free existence. But it didn’t take long to realize that bug zappers were falling short, especially against mosquitoes, and they were also harming beneficial insect populations. That’s when I knew I had to pivot.

I didn’t just pivot for the sake of it. I dived into the science of mosquito control, opening up avenues that were not only more effective but also environmentally considerate. Through it all, my mission has been clear: to educate and empower people like you with the knowledge to understand and manage the mosquito menace.

Our responsibility

Bugzapperz.com has been online since 2017. I’ve poured countless hours into research, and collaboration with outdoors enthusiasts.

Affiliate marketing supports our mission, but the heart of Bugzapperz beats for the people it serves. Every product review, every article, every piece of advice is crafted with your outdoor enjoyment in mind because we know firsthand the impact that effective mosquito control can have on your life.

Bugzapperz.com provides unbiased and honest reviews. We don’t accept payments for reviews, and commissions don’t influence our opinions.

Embracing the Great Outdoors with Knowledge and Confidence

I’m proud of the evolution that has taken place since Bugzapperz.com first went live. From a father’s concern to the site, you see today.

If you’re like me and just want to get the most out of the outdoors with your family, I’m here to help you do just that. Whether through in-depth articles on mosquito habits or reviews of the latest repellents and traps, your safety and enjoyment are my top priorities.

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences and any topics you’re curious about. Bugzapperz is not just my platform—it’s also yours. Together, we’ll continue to explore and apply the best strategies for mosquito control, so you can always choose something that resonates with you and is effective.

Bookmark Bugzapperz.com and check back regularly for updates. We’re always on the lookout for the latest in mosquito research and innovation, and we can’t wait to share that knowledge with you. Here’s to fewer bites, more insight, and enjoying the beauty of nature without the hassle of mosquitoes.

Thank you for trusting in Bugzapperz. Remember, your first attempt at mosquito control doesn’t need to be your last. You can always adjust your approach down the road.