Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter for Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps & Other Insects Review

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Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter

There are ways in which you can get rid of fruit flies, gnats, and other pesky insects that thrive in your yard and home. You can make use of sticky fly traps to catch flies, spray a room with insect killer to eliminate cockroaches and skeeters, or utilize bug coils to keep them away for a while.

The easiest among these methods, though, is by using a bug zapper. Bug zappers operate with the help of electricity so they can kill flying insects in one swipe. They can be hung in place, stood in a corner, or as a handheld device. 

Astor’s Extra Large Electric Swatter is something that consumers can check out if they need the help of a bug zapper to get rid of pests at home.


  • Features formidable current to eliminate flying pests upon contact
  • 5-inch x 8-inch zapping surface
  • Constructed from strong and durable ABS plastic material with strings made from zinc steel
  • Automatic On/Off button
  • Includes LED warning light
  • Operates on 2 C-sized batteries included in the package


The Extra Large Electric Swatter is a bug eliminator that comes at a competitive price. It is crafted from strong ABS plastic with a handle that has the comfortable size of a standard tennis racket.

For those who are concerned with toxins and fumes that can harm their surroundings, you won’t have to deal with those issues since the device does not make use of any kind of chemical to kill insects.

A pair of C-sized batteries will power the unit, thus making it an environment-friendly product that you can use in your home.

The C batteries provide the juice to kill those hovering annoyances. It gives off a little spark once an insect comes into contact with the device. It is convenient for those who want to eliminate insects inside a particular room in the house.

Users are required to use the device like they would a tennis or badminton racket, swing it at an approaching insect, press the red button on the unit, zap, then it’s gone. It’s fast, easy, and very handy.

Of course, you need to be pretty careful with how you handle the device if you’re around people, especially children or pets. There is no need to make use of sticky fly traps, or any temporary methods to vanquish all pesky hovering bugs off since this machine will take care of them.

It is even easier to use than plain old rolled-up newspapers. And we have to admit, using it was kind of fun; there’s some satisfaction acquired whenever we hit those nasty buggers with this mighty bug zapper.


Safety is always the number-one concern so you have to be pretty careful while using this if there are other people around. Also, we have to mention that once the batteries wear out, it becomes less effective.

Though we did not mind keeping track and chasing flies and mosquitoes, the fact that it requires personal involvement will deter some folks from using it. Furthermore, C batteries do not last that long so you have to replace them, especially if you’re always using the device.


If you want an environment-friendly product and don’t mind replacing batteries every now and then, you can make do with this particular Astor unit. This is also ideal for folks who want to get rid of the occasional fly or mosquito hovering inside the house.

In addition, because it uses batteries, the unit is portable and you won’t have to deal with other items along the way while chasing after pests (those short cords on most standard bug zappers come to mind). A dependable product that has an affordable price, Astor’s Extra Large Electric Swatter is a bug zapper that is worth the test.

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