A Low Tech Mosquito Deterrent – Electric Fans

Having bloodthirsty mosquitoes bite you when you’re having a barbecue or simply sitting outside having a drink with friends is a sure way to put a damper on your evening.

You can have mosquito traps, bug zappers or natural repellents but you will probably still be bitten. Only if your skin is completely covered by clothing or insect repellant will you be completely protected.

But having your body covered with clothing when it’s hot or plastering insect repellant on your skin aren’t the most pleasant ways to spend your evenings.

There is another method that can keep the mosquitoes away from you and your guests. It uses inexpensive equipment that you may already have in your house.

A Low-Tech Deterrent

An electric fan!

This works because it takes into account the fact that mosquitoes are not strong fliers. Any sort of wind will affect them. The moving air will also disperse our CO2 emissions making it harder for the mosquitoes to home in on us

A fan or two placed on your terrace or near your table will keep the mosquitoes at bay. Perhaps not 100% if you are severely affected by huge numbers of mosquitoes, as in the video below. But in normal conditions, it can make an area of your backyard usable again.

In the house, this can also be very effective. If you’re bugged by mosquitoes at night, place an oscillating fan near your bed this will help to keep you cool and also keep the mosquitoes away.

Although this may be a little-known way of keeping these insects at a distance it is recognized as being a low-tech solution by the American Mosquito Contol Association.

The bigger the fan you use and the smaller the area you are trying to protect, the better your chances of keeping a mosquito-free zone.

If you’ve tried this method let us know your results in the comments below.

A low tech mosquito deterrent. Mosquitoes don't like wind, install an oscilllating fan in the area you want to keep mosquito free.

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