Ohuhu Electronic Indoor Insect Killer, Bug Fly Zapper, Mosquito Killer, 20W UV Bulbs Review

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Ohuhu Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Electric insect killers are a good investment to make. That is, if you have made a great decision in terms of models. You can eliminate specific pests like mosquitoes with an effective electric insect killer. Search for sites online and look up insect killer reviews if you want to know what products work best.

Search for sites online and look up insect killer reviews if you want to know what products work best. 

For starters, in this very article, we are going to review Ohuhu’s Electronic Indoor Insect Killer. Gather round and find out whether this particular model has all it takes to protect your house from those pests.


  • Features 20 watts of UV light power by way of two 10-watt UV lights capable of releasing 365 nm wavelengths of luminance to attract insects
  • Can cover locations up to 320 square-feet
  • Can be hung on a wall by way of its chain hanger or can stand on its own
  • Built with safeguarding safety grid to protect children and pets from the light panels
  • Constructed with oil-proof, rust-proof alloy material
  • Environment-friendly device does not use chemicals to eliminate pests
  • Recommended for indoor surroundings like kitchens, living rooms, and commercial spaces like offices and hospitals
  • Dead bugs are collected by means of a detachable and completely washable tray for easier, more convenient cleanup


Ohuhu’s Electronic Indoor Insect Killer is a powerful device that employs the help of two 10-watt UV lights to release a good 365 nm wavelength, and lure in insects. It can manage up to 320 square-feet of your surroundings.

It is also perfectly capable of being a hands-free device. It does not release any scent, it is user-friendly, and easy to maintain, thus making it ideal for folks who want a bug-killing device for their homes or offices.

As mentioned, the unit operates by releasing powerful UV lights to help catch insects. Once these insects fly toward the device and come into contact with the electrically-powered metal grid, they are eliminated in an instant.

Utilizing UV light is also an advantage, and is highly recommended for homes, since it does not call for chemicals to make it work, and it will not emit harmful toxins in your household.

The device works well on insects, specifically flies and mosquitoes, but it is also efficient in getting rid of other buggers like stink bugs, midges, and gnats.

A good number of reviews from satisfied customers also proves that the unit works; most of the customers agreed that the UV lights released by the unit were effective in pulling bugs towards the unit, and their quick deaths.

The device does not require any kind of special procedure to make it work; no assemblies, and no extra tools. Users will only have to switch the on button, position it in their choice locations, let it stand freely, or hang it on the wall to save space.

During operations, it does not emit the usual “ZAP” sounds you will hear from conventional bug killers, or earlier models of such devices. While I am tolerable of these kinds of sounds, this will benefit individuals who want something that works quietly.

Lastly, it is lightweight and provides easy cleanup by way of its removable tray which you can wash after use.


While the product is lightweight, it is not necessarily compact. It is a bit bigger than needed. It also includes a short power cord (why most bug killers have such short power cables, I have no idea) hence it limits the places where you can employ the device. However if you have to, you can opt to use an extension cord to solve this issue.

It is also not ideal for outdoor use, and the bulbs I think would definitely last a bit longer if LED lights were utilized. Furthermore, the device has thin tabs that stick out of its angles and this can pose as a safety threat to individuals, kids, or pets that might bump into it.


A job well done by Ohuhu. Their Electronic Indoor Insect Killer is something that works effectively. If you need a bug-killing device for indoor use, this is something that you can rely on.

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