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Mosquitoes, flies, and flying insects are bothersome at best. Most of the time, they bite, and they can disturb quiet evenings outside or inside the house. If your area practically crawls, or rather flies, with a constant stream of these buggers, maybe it is time to invest in something as practical as a bug zapper.

Bug zappers are devices meant to kill bugs, and they come in a variety of designs. Some are free-standing, some are hung on the wall, and some are hand-held. 

OneShot’s Bug Zapper is a hand-held device that is designed like a racquet so users can easily single out insects. Will it be worth the purchase? I bought mine, and I would love to share some of my views on the product.


  • Includes built-in UV LED light to lure bugs
  • Grid releases 3,700 volts of power when activated
  • Recommended for home use, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, or outdoor parties
  • Can be hung on the wall for convenience and easy storage
  • Uses rechargeable lead-acid non-spillable batteries
  • Measures 2.06 x 9.3 x 11.4


As we all know, Bug zappers are mostly outdoor devices that lure insects and zap them with a low but effective quantity of electricity. Hence it will cut down the insect population in your surroundings. It will also reduce the number of pests that might get into your home.

They are effective when it comes to killing bugs, and you might notice plenty of insects on the ground after use. They are fast and efficient, will get rid of insects with minimal chemical use, and are generally safe for the environment.

Most of the time, they allow minimal personal involvement except for a handheld device like OneShot’s Bug Zapper. However, this racket zapper has a retractable handle that allows the device to be placed on a table and used as a traditional zapper.

The OneShot Bug Zapper promises to eliminate insects upon contact in an instant. I can call this an electric version of the common fly swatter because of its tennis/badminton racquet-like design.

It is user-friendly, and its compact design makes it portable, so you can take it with you camping, hiking, and on other sorts of outdoor activities. Once the unit is switched on, it makes use of 3,700 volts, which run throughout its net, eliminating insects on contact.

Performance-wise, it did kill insects. It worked especially great on smaller ones like mosquitoes, fruit flies, and midges. However, bigger insects like beetles are another story.

The beetles that came into contact with the device were stunned and not killed. So it is only effective on smaller, flying insects. It also features LED lights that won’t burn out and need replacement. Another big plus is its portability, so you can take it anywhere with you around the house.


While the device is indeed portable, its short cord proved to be cumbersome. It would be good if the company decides to make the cord more than a foot long. And as I have said earlier, it was capable of killing small insects, particularly mosquitoes.

However, when it comes to flies and wasps, more personal involvement is needed. In other words, you have to chase those nasty buggers in order to kill them off. Just be careful with the wasps, though.


The OneShot Bug Zapper is a decent insect zapper. It delivered death to mosquitoes, but for other flying insects, you have to get yourself a bit more involved. Also, forget using it on beetles since it won’t kill them.

A big plus is its portability since you carry it with you on those hiking, camping, and fishing trips. It will also prove helpful at outdoor parties.

However, if you want a kill-all type of device with a longer cord, perhaps, you have to look elsewhere. If your only intent is to use it indoors or for outdoor trips, this is a sound purchase.

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Peter spends most of his time outside in his large garden. He has been fighting mosquitoes for a few years trying different traps and repellents without using agressive chemicals.

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