Stinger BK300 Outdoor Insect Killer Review

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Stinger BK300 1.5 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer

Are you troubled by bugs, no matter the season? Mosquito/bug zappers are the way to go if you want to repel these little buggers. The device uses UV light to lure insects, and it works on all kinds, from mosquitoes down to beetles.

Mosquitoes and flies are carriers of different diseases, so a bug zapper in your home will prove to be a protective device that helps to keep you and your loved ones safe. The problem with bug zappers is that they kill all bugs; mosquitoes, flies, and beneficial insects.

Devices like Stinger’s BK300 1 1/2 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer are just one of the many devices available for purchase.

Let’s see what this nifty unit is up to.


  • Features black UV light to help attract mosquitoes and all sorts of insects to the device. The unit claims to lure and kill insects 40% more compared to other models
  • Features Sundown Sensor option for a more energy-efficient output—can switch itself on during twilight hours and off during dawn hours
  • Recommended for bigger yards, up to 1 and 1/2 acres
  • Features a congestion-proof grid layout for maximum performance
  • Features an exterior enclosure for safety
  • 40% lighter than the company’s older models
  • Has 5,500 volts of zapping proficiency
  • Constructed from weather-proof plastic material
  • Includes nylon hanging cord and Nosquito Octenol to lure mosquitoes


If a bug zapper effectively attracts and kills bugs, the unit will be packed full of insects in no time. When they get stuck in the grid, it can affect the zapper’s performance and, worse, stop it from functioning entirely.

Stinger’s new insect control unit uses a congestion-resistant grid layout meant for single kills, which effectively decreases the tendency of clogging in the device.

The unit’s overall design was meant to blend right in with your surroundings. It was given a design to make it appear as it belongs in your garden or lawn. Users have to guarantee that the device was placed in an ideal setting to maximize use.

It has to be positioned within 25-feet from human goings-on to effectively lure in mosquitoes and keep them from hovering around individuals. Make use of the extension cord that is included in the package. It is meant for outdoor use so that you can position the unit outdoors.

It features an automatic sensor to mechanically turn itself off at dawn and then switch itself on at night. As for its performance, it worked quite well, and it killed insects, according to its claims.

The best thing about it was its congestion-proof design, which made for easier clean-up and maintenance. You won’t have to worry about it being clogged with a gross amount of dead bugs.


The BK300 1 1/2 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer was effective when it came to zapping bothersome insects. Mine is still working, but according to a majority of negative reviews online, plenty were disappointed when it stopped working on them after 3 to 6 months of use.

One person even complained that the third unit he bought lasted longer than 30 days. The same user said he went for another replacement because it was under warranty. Mine is still working, but let us see whether I will suffer the same fate.

However, if you are quite wary, you can go for other, more durable units if you want to save money. I am on the lookout as well for other models.


Stinger’s BK300 Insect Killer is something that will benefit your yard, garden, or back porch because it effectively kills and zaps insects into oblivion. You will feel more protected with this bad boy around. Its congestion-resistant design is also a big plus because, I will admit, insect buildup is not a pretty sight.

However, most genuine reviews online agreed that the product does not last as long as desired. I have been wary about my own unit’s longevity as well. If you want a product that lasts to save money and sanity, it is wise to look for another model.

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Peter spends most of his time outside in his large garden. He has been fighting mosquitoes for a few years trying different traps and repellents without using agressive chemicals.