OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

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Off! Clip-On mosquito repellent

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There’s a wide choice of mosquito repellents around, and some of the most effective are repellents applied to your skin. These can provide protection for several hours. The EPA has a list of registered insect repellents.

These sprays, wipes, and lotions are safe and effective, but they may not be comfortable to wear and can leave a long-lasting odor on your skin.

Do you have an alternative if you don’t like repellents applied directly to your skin?

There is quite a choice – bracelets, ultrasonic devices, citronella candles, or coils. Unfortunately, many of these have been proven to have little or no effect.

You could also try lanterns or diffusers that create a mosquito-free zone or a fan trap that uses carbon dioxide to attract the mosquitoes. These solutions will make a difference but may not eradicate all mosquitoes!

Yellow bug lights are also meant to attract fewer mosquitoes but they won’t repel mosquitoes.

Then there is the Off Clip-On Mosquito Repellent fan unit; this can protect you without putting anything on your skin if you aren’t moving around.

Off Clip-On Repellent Review

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Off Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

How It Works

The Off Clip-On Repellent uses a fan to disperse a repellent to protect one person. It can be clipped to your belt or waistband or placed on a table or chair next to you.

The clip-on repellent will give you an area of protection if you’re stationary. If you move, you will have to wait a few minutes for the protection to build up around you.

Using the Off Clip-On

Remove a repellent disk from its packaging. Hold the disk by the tab so you don’t touch the insecticide-treated cloth when inserting or extracting a disk. Insert the disk orange side up and lock the refill in place by twisting the top until the refill slot is completely closed. Remember to wash your hands after handling the disk.

To turn on the unit, twist the top until the fan icon is opposite the arrow. The fan will start, and you can now clip the device to your belt, bag, or place it next to you.


A battery (batteries included) powered fan circulates a repellent to provide a mosquito-free zone.

It can be clipped onto your belt or bag, with the 360° rotating clip, or simply placed beside you, to provide protection for one person.

The repellent disks provide 12 hours of protection. One refill is included with the Off Clip-On unit, and extra disks can be purchased separately. The refill will provide protection for up to 12 hours and should be used within 14 days after opening.

The repellent used is metofluthrin, a pyrethroid. Thermacell uses metofluthrin in liquid form in their rechargeable battery-operated repellers.

When there are about 3 hours of repellent and battery left, a red light will turn on automatically.

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  • Ease of use – a simple twist of the top turns the fan on.
  • No need to apply spray on mosquito repellents.
  • Portable – the Off Clip-on repellent is small, light, can be clipped to your belt/bag or placed beside you.
  • The fan makes a slight noise that lets you know it’s working, but this blends into the other background noises to provide unobtrusive protection.
  • Refillable – each disk gives you 12 hours of protection and should be used within 14 days.
  • Metofluthrin is a proven mosquito repellent.


  • The Off Clip-On device is only effective when you are stationery. If you move you will have to wait for a few minutes for the unit to rebuild the barrier. As kids don’t usually stay in one place for long this probably isn’t a good solution for them!
  • Due to the need to purchase refills and batteries this will be a more expensive option than repellent sprays and lotions.
  • The device is not designed to protect a large area but to give head to toe protection for one person.
  • There should be no obstruction between your body and the repellent device. For example if the Off Clip-On unit is placed on a table where you are sitting the repellent may not protect your legs and feet.
  • The device is made from plastic, so may break if it drops from your belt.
  • Must be used according to label. Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Only for outdoor use.


The Off Clip-On device can provide an alternative to spray-on repellents for one person as long as you’re still. It’s certainly not a repellent for all situations!

It could be good if you’re reading or relaxing in your backyard, watching sports, or doing some gardening where you’re not moving about.

Covering up or spraying a repellent on your skin would be the recommended mosquito protection for most situations.

There is no one magical solution to mosquito problems; to keep the numbers down, you and your neighbors need to combine several control strategies – eliminate breeding grounds, use mosquito traps, adulticides, and larvicides. These methods need to be used continually in the mosquito season.

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