Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap

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Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap

The Mega-Catch Ultra is one of four traps produced by Mega-Catch. However, it’s the only trap in the range that comes with the capability to use CO2 as an attractant, although one of the other traps, the PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap, can be upgraded to use CO2.

You will generally get better results using carbon dioxide (Mega Catch states it can increase catch rates by 300-400%), so it’s probably better to go for the Ultra model. If you use CO2, you will have to add the price of a cylinder to the cost of the trap.

Female mosquitoes find their prey by using a combination of sensory clues such as heat, sweat, and carbon dioxide, to name just a few. This trap mimics these human or animal characteristics to entice mosquitoes into the trap where they die.

Mosquitoes will pick up the chemical cues of CO2 and octenol from as far away as 150 feet. Then as they come closer, they will see the UV light, and at about 30 feet from the trap, they will pick up the heat and moisture.

The Ultra trap is renowned for being more reliable than some of the other propane mosquito traps. Also, tests have shown that it catches more mosquitoes than other traps. This is probably because the Mega-Catch traps have multiple combinations that simulate the sensory clues emitted by humans or other animals.

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Setting Up Your Trap – Many Options

The Mega Catch Ultra trap has many options, literally thousands of combinations, so it may take a while before you find the optimal settings. Even a small change can drastically affect your capture rates.

There is a heating element to imitate the body temperature of warm-blooded animals. LED lights are set up to mimic movement, and the optional CO2 gas system replicates human or animal respiration. It’s also possible to add an Octenol attractant, and adding soda or syrups to the water in the catch buckets tricks the mosquitoes into thinking they have found a source of energy.

Altogether this trap provides a wide range of attractants, and most of these have several different settings, which means you can experiment until you find the settings that give you the best results.

Finding the right combination of mosquito attractants will probably take some trial and error to get the most out of your trap. Different settings will be better for certain species. The position in your yard will also affect results.

Mosquito Attracting Stimuli Settings

You can access the attracting stimuli options from the LCD module. Here are some of the customizable options to give you an idea of the choices available:

  • Fan speed settings from 1 – 5, you will need the fan for the capture of all species of mosquitoes
  • Heat pulsing element settings from off or settings from 1 – 5
  • LED cluster flicker speed from off, 1 – 5, gives the impression of movement
  • Oscillating UV light from off, 1 – 5, adjusts the light intensity to frequencies known to attract mosquitoes
  • Low-intensity black light UV cathode tube, on or off (good for daytime biters)
  • Gas settings can be off or set from 1 – 5. Using CO2 increases the capture rate of most mosquitoes by 400%, but more gas doesn’t necessarily mean a better catch.

Catching System and Lures

Then there are still a couple of further choices to make.

  1. Should you use the catch bag or the catch bucket? Your trap comes with both, and you may think it doesn’t really matter which you use. But Mega Catch research shows using liquid in the catch bucket is more effective.
    The catch bag will need less attention and is a good alternative if you don’t have the time or will be absent for a while.
    Whereas the bucket used in conjunction with water and soda or syrup will need to be replenished a least once a week and possibly more often. The water creates a humid airflow similar to human breath, and the syrup or soda reproduces the sugars found in flowers on which the mosquitoes feed.
    If you catch smaller biting insects, like no-see-ums, they might be able to escape through the mesh of the catch bag. Therefore the catch container would be better in this case.
  2. Do you want to add a lure? The mega-catch fragrance strips can improve the capture rates for mosquitoes, biting midges, sand flies, and black flies. But it can depend on the species in your area, so it requires more trial and error. You can also try other attractants placed in the base of the trap; for example, some species of mosquitoes bite feet, so you could try adding smelly socks to the trap.

Trap Placement

It’s recommended to place the trap between the source of mosquitoes and the area where people gather. Like with any other traps or bug zappers, it should not be placed too near any zone you may use. Otherwise, the mosquitoes will just be attracted to you, and you may make matters worse instead of better.

An ideal position is a sheltered area, in the shade upwind, from the mosquito source and about 30 – 40 feet from where people gather. The trap should be suspended 2 or 3 feet off the ground – to enable this, the trap comes with a stand.

Persevere for Greater Success

As mentioned before, it may take time to find the right combinations of CO2, lures, lights, heat, and placement, but once set up, this mosquito trap will help you reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. According to tests comparing other well-known mosquito traps, the ULTRA was the most effective, capturing more mosquitoes than other models.

Taking the time to set it up for the mosquitoes in your yard will give you better results in the long run.

Trap Features

  • LED lights give the impression of movement
  • UV lights are set to oscillate at frequencies that attract different mosquito species
  • Black UV light attracts other species
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Variable fan speed settings
  • Can be used with or without CO2 and Octenol as required
  • Multiple combinations of settings can be programmed
  • With the correct combination of attractants, it can be set up to attract a certain type of mosquito.
  • Different catch methods – mesh bag or liquid container
  • All-weather casing
  • 12-month warranty

You can see these features in more detail in this video.


  • The majority of customers seem satisfied with the mosquito-catching prowess of this trap. In general, they seem to have better results than with other traps they previously used.
  • It attracts mosquitos from over 150 feet away and covers an area of about 1.5 acres. Also, it attracts other biting insects such as black flies and biting midges (no see-ums)
  • The wet catch bucket can be used with a mixture of water and a sugar-based drink. This creates a humid airflow that is like human breath. You can also place any other of your homemade lures at the base of the trap. Some have reported success with smelly socks or certain cheeses.
  • One of the things I like most about this trap is that it doesn’t seem to kill many other insects like moths, butterflies, or bees. If you do find you are catching moths, you can turn off the UV tube.
  • Using no chemicals makes this an environment-friendly mosquito trap with no danger to pets, children, or other wildlife.
  • The automatic timer allows you to program the trap to work only when you need it or when the mosquitoes are active. This is usually early morning or in the evening. Possibly through the day if you have mosquitoes that bite during the day.
  • The customer support seems to be very good, and I have read reviews from customers who have had outstanding service, even with old units. Many people seem to have had their units for 7 or 8 years, which is encouraging.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to plug in.
  • A 60-foot low-voltage extension cord is included.
  • DIY maintenance -these mosquito catchers are designed to be serviced by their owners. On their website, they have videos and worksheets that can be downloaded – very helpful!
  • You can choose whether to use CO2 and an Octenol lure or not. These may increase the capture rate but also your running costs. However, the carbon dioxide cylinder on the recommended setting should last about 4 months. This is a lot longer than the cylinder used on a propane trap.


  • The high initial price is the biggest con. Some customers seem quite happy, while others find it overpriced.
  • Some buyers report that the timer unit seems to die quite often. This will be replaced for free if still under warranty.
  • The unit seems to get much better results if used with CO2. This means you will have to add a CO2 cylinder to your expenses. The quantity you use will depend on how many hours you have your Mega Trap running.
  • You will have to empty your trap often and clean the fan, but this is normal for all traps.


Although the price is high, most people seem to be happy with this Mega-Catch mosquito trap. The positive reviews outnumber the negative reviews by more than 2 to 1.

Even some of the negative reviews are happy with the number of mosquitoes they are capturing. Some seem to be disappointed that they still had mosquitoes in their yard!

You should not expect the Mega Catch or any other trap to totally eliminate all mosquitoes. A trap is one method for reducing the mosquito population and should be used in conjunction with other mosquito management methods in your backyard or neighborhood.

One important point when paying so much for a mosquito trap is customer service. This seems to be excellent. I read of one customer who contacted customer service after having a problem with their unit when it was just out of warranty. The support replaced the faulty part free of charge and even threw in a few extras. Having customer service like this is a great advantage!

The DIY maintenance with video and worksheets is also something that seems to be a good idea.

It does seem necessary to use CO2 for the best results, but some users have good results using the trap, with their own concoction of water and a sugar-based drink in the wet catch bucket. When you receive your ULTRA trap, it’s a good idea to try a few different mixtures in the catch bucket to see what it catches. Later you can add the CO2 to compare what works the best and to see if it’s worth the extra expense of using the CO2.

You may need to experiment with different settings and placements before you see substantial catches. So be patient!

This seems to be an excellent mosquito trap if you can afford the price. This Mega-Catch trap will not eliminate 100% of mosquitoes but should drastically reduce numbers allowing you to profit from your garden again.

Mosquito Control

A mosquito trap should only be considered as one weapon in your war against the skeeters. For your safety, you should still consider using other repellents or putting an EPA-registered insect repellent on any bare skin, and a long-sleeved shirt and trousers could still be useful. And most importantly, continue to remove any standing water (that can be breeding grounds) from your property.

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