Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap Review

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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Review

You may have tried mosquito repellents or other methods to rid your yard of mosquitoes. But nothing seems to work, or else gives just some temporary respite.

Have you tried mosquito traps?

The Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus might be the solution to the annoying mosquitoes that make your evenings in the garden a nightmare. The propane-burning traps give out a steady stream of carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat to mimic humans or animals.

Will it work for you? If you follow the recommendations for the placement of your trap and use the correct attractants for your region, you should see a big fall in the number of mosquitoes.

How It Works

The combustion of propane produces carbon dioxide, heat, and water. The combustion occurs within the body of the Mosquito Magnet. A secondary attractant is mixed with CO2.

The mosquitos and other biting insects are drawn towards the trap, attracted by the CO2 and lures. An electric fan sucks the mosquitoes into the net, where they dry out and die, normally within 24 hours.

You can see the process in more detail in the video below.

How Mosquito Magnet Traps Work

Different Attractants

Adding an attractant can increase your catch rate by up to 10 times according to the manufacturer. Mosquito Magnet recommends different attractants for different areas.

Lurex3 – is recommended for the southern regions of the US and Hawai. Its main target is the day-biting Asian Tiger mosquitoes and other species. Also, no-see-ums and black flies.

Octenol and R-Octenol – are recommended for northern and coastal regions of the US and also Canada. Octenol attracts most species of mosquitoes and also no-see-ums and black flies.


For the best results, it’s important to place your trap correctly. The Mosquito Magnet should be placed between the breeding area and the areas where people gather. It shouldn’t be too close to the people areas. 30 to 40 feet is a good distance.

If at all possible, it’s good to place the trap in an open area. The CO2 stays close to the ground. If there are obstructions like long grass, bushes, or fences, the mosquitos may not find the CO2.

Also, placing the trap upwind from the breeding area will help you to catch more skeeters. The CO2 and attractants will be carried in the air to attract the mosquitos. After the female mosquitos have eaten, their weight doubles, so they prefer to float downwind to find their resting place.

Find the right placement and you will see a reduction in the number of mosquitoes.

Several Models of Mosquito Magnets

There are several models of these traps:

  • Patriot Plus and Patriot both operate with a cord to the nearest electrical outlet
  • Executive which runs on a rechargeable battery
  • Commander also runs on a rechargeable battery and is wifi-enabled
  • Independence which runs on 4 C-type batteries

All models run on the same principle. The Patriot and Patriot Plus have fewer features than their more expensive cousins.


  • 50-foot long power cord with lawn clips to enable the correct placement of your trap
  • A mixture of CO2, heat, humidity, and attractant is an effective lure for mosquitoes
  • Large rigid net to allow for easy disposal of the dead insects and less frequent emptying
  • Recommended to cover an acre of clear space
  • Weatherproof – works in all weather
  • Can work 24 hours a day
  • 1-year warranty


  • If you place the Mosquito Magnets as recommended, with the correct attractant, you will catch mosquitoes.
  • Besides mosquitoes, you will also catch black flies and no-see-ums.
  • No insecticides, nasty odors, noise, or danger to wildlife.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Routine maintenance should be performed every 3 weeks, this involves:
    • replacing the attractant
    • using the Quick-Clear Valve when you change the propane tank. Sometimes the propane gas can be “dirty” and block the nozzle. Regular cleaning should prevent any problems.
    • replacing the mosquito net if it is torn, clogged, or deteriorated in any way. Mosquito Magnet recommends changing the net every 21 days when you carry out the other maintenance. Seems a bit extravagant to me!
    • refilling the propane tank – the tank will last for 21 days when the Mosquito Magnet is run 24 hours a day 7 days a week
    • clean the vents
    • keeping the trap clean
  • Ongoing costs of attractants, propane gas, Quick-Clear cartridges, and mosquito nets.
  • As it’s plugged into the mains you will need to be careful when mowing.
  • Only effective if placed in an open area. Long grass, hedges, fences, or buildings will stop the flow of CO2 and the attractants.
  • Reliability issues. This is probably the biggest negative, but at the same time, it isn’t general. Some people report having Mosquito Magnets for several years with no problems. While others manage to keep them working for just a few weeks.
  • Poor customer service. This is another quite common complaint, with some reporting having to wait for 45 -60 minutes to reach customer service.


The Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Trap seems to be another trap that some love and some hate. Certain buyers report great results and traps that run almost trouble-free for years. Others claim they don’t catch mosquitoes and the Magnet only works for a short time.

Even some of the critical reviews say the traps work well. However, they are given a negative review because of issues with their reliability and/or poor customer service.

So if the trap is placed correctly, with the appropriate attractant for your region, you should have some success catching skeeters. After the initial purchase, you need to bear in mind the running costs of gas, attractants, and replacement nets.

Overall because of its success in catching mosquitoes, this comes in the recommendable category. Take your time to position the trap correctly and get to use your garden and deck again.

Remove Standing Water

Before buying a Mosquito Magnet make sure you have no mosquito breeding grounds in your garden. If you have any standing water in containers, such as buckets, birdbaths, old tires, blocked gutters, rain barrels, flower pot saucers, or disused swimming pools, make sure to empty them or change the water at least once a week.

Any water that can’t be emptied should be tightly covered so mosquitoes can’t enter to lay eggs.

Use a larvicide such as mosquito dunks, in any large areas of water that aren’t used for drinking and can’t be emptied or covered. This will kill the mosquito larvae before the females become blood-seeking adults. Mosquito dunks are safe for other wildlife and pets.

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