Aspectek Electronic Indoor 20W Insect Killer Review

You may feel hopeless with all the flying bugs and insect pests that exist in your house. You may have also tried everything, but they will just not disappear! Instead, they keep coming back, giving you itchy bites and disturbing your life.

You may need a device that will not let them get near you. Well, there is just such a thing, something called a bug zapper. And the Aspectek Electronic Indoor Killer may be the one you need to try to make your life peaceful!


  • This bug zapper consists of two ultraviolet (UV) bulbs that emit powerful attractant UV rays that draw in mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects from up to 80 feet away. The insects try to pass through an electrified grid and are electrocuted.
  • Has a large coverage area that entices insects to the machine where 2,800 volts ‘zap’ them
  • No need for potentially harmful sprays or pesticides; eliminates bugs quickly without the messy and sticky sprays and poisons
  • Great for areas like hospitals and kitchens where pesticides can’t be sprayed
  • No need for maintenance; very easy to use as dead insects are caught in a tray to dispose of easily
  • Safe for home use despite the powerful electrical grid

What Insects Can You Kill with the Aspectek Bug Zapper?

This electronic insect killer will kill any flying insect found in your house attracted by UV light. This could be flies, moths, stink bugs, ants, beetles, wasps, midges, and mosquitoes.

The problem with an outdoor bug zapper is that it kills many beneficial insects. As this zapper is for indoor use, this isn’t a big issue.

Placement of Your Zapper

You can place the insect killer on a flat surface or suspend it with the included metal chain. But make sure the indoor bug zapper isn’t visible from your windows or doors, or you risk attracting even more flying pests into your house. And it could be a mosquito that will be more interested in you than the ultraviolet bulb.

If it’s placed in a kitchen or dining area, the insect zapper should be placed at a distance from where you prepare food or eat. You don’t want dead insects or parts of insects falling into your plate.


The Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer is the ultimate zapper! It has a protective cage to prevent you, your kids, and your pets from having accidental contact with the grid.

The zapper arrives assembled. Just get it out of the wrapping, cut a couple of zip ties, and you’re ready to go.

You can use the wire chain if you want to hang it, or you can just set this device on a flat surface. Its electronic grid is also very powerful, plus it collects dead insects by using a removable and washable tray.

Moreover, this one is designed for indoor use, such as the kitchen, living room, basement, café, enclosed garage, store, restaurant, hospital, office, and other places. Once you turn it on, it lures mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects to the grid, where they will all be quickly zapped.

Two spare ultraviolet bulbs come with the product and are specially designed for attracting flying insects.

There is no hassle for you as well because you do not need maintenance for this one. Empty the bug tray when you see it is full, then wash the tray afterward. Additionally, this insect killer is considered a chemical-free alternative, making it safe to use in places where pesticides are not allowed.

No attractants to encourage bugs to approach which means lower running costs.

What’s more, you can use this for a long time because it has proven to be durable even after using it for a year. Frankly, this insect killer is worth the price as it is robust and effective in making your house free of flying insects!


If you are not used to loud noises, it may be a disadvantage for you that this device works loudly. A lot of users claim that it is not a silent killer but rather a very loud zapper. You can clearly hear the shocks, so if you need some silence, this product may not be able to give you that.

The power cord is very short, about 15 inches, so you will almost certainly need an extension lead to get it set up where you want.

Also, despite it being an insect killer, there are still reports that it cannot kill biting mosquitoes, and thus it has defeated its purpose of saving people from the itchy bites of female mosquitoes.

Others also complained they received a defective version that would not turn on. It ended up being quite dangerous since there were instances of people getting an extremely painful electrical shock.

This was after they plugged it in and no lights lit up. So when they unplugged it to remove the safety screen to get to the bulbs, that is when they got electrocuted. Indeed, you need to be careful with this one and follow the instructions for changing the bulbs. After the bug killer is turned off and unplugged, you have to discharge the high voltage grid by touching it with an insulated screwdriver for at least 30 seconds.


Some find it good, and a few do not. But that does not make the Aspectek Electronic Indoor Killer any less than a recommendable product. Yes, some users were not that satisfied because it could not kill insects for them, or it only worked for a few months.

However, the majority of customers claim that this zapper is one of the best devices to help them get rid of insect pests. The percentage of positive reviews (four or five stars) on Amazon is 88% out of a total of more than 7500!

The buyers of this zapper feel a sense of triumph whenever they hear the loud zap, which lets them know that this product has killed an insect that could have potentially gotten near them and could have disturbed them. It is also a wonderful sight for them to see the tray of this device filled with dead insects the next day.

And yes, all you need to do with dead insects in the tray is to remove and clean it. It is that simple. No maintenance is needed. Plus, you do not need to use sprays or pesticides, especially if they are not allowed in a specific area in your house. Truly a great buy!

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