5 Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

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Did you know that mosquitoes can kill more humans than actual criminals can?

This may seem grim, but it’s a testament to the fact that mosquitoes are carriers of hundreds of fatal diseases around the world.

If you have a mosquito problem, you may be up against more than just annoying itchy bites all over your arms and legs.

It’s important to do everything you can to get rid of mosquitoes so that you can keep your health and that of those around you intact.

It can be tough identifying mosquito-ridding solutions that actually work.

But in this post, we’ll tackle everything you can do to get rid of these pesky, dangerous insects today!

1. Use Strategic Liquids

The good news about mosquitoes is that you can repel them, and even get rid of mosquitoes permanently.

One way you can do this is by carefully choosing some key liquids that mosquitoes naturally don’t like, and using these to effectively repel and kill them.

An example includes dish soap. Fill a small or medium shallow bowl with water and whisk a teaspoon of dish soap inside it.

The mosquitoes in your area will settle in the suds and then drown in the liquid.

If you really have a mosquito problem, consider setting out multiple saucers or dishes of soapy water in prominent areas.

For example, set out these bowls on your porch, in your backyard, or even in the kitchen.

You can also experiment with placing out beer in canisters to attract and kill mosquitoes. Keep in mind that you are still likely to get bitten if you are consuming the beer recreationally outdoors.

Other individuals have experimented with setting out bowls of mouthwash or diluted dishes of essential oils.

Oil can repel mosquitoes easily, which is why a lot of skin-applied repellants are oil-based.

2. Rely on Manual Repellants

If you have a mosquito problem, you’ve likely browsed the shelves in your local store for some solid manual repellant.

We recommend using repellant for your skin in addition to these other methods in this post.

You can easily spray common insect repellent on all exposed areas of your body when you are outside in mosquito-ridden places.

The repellents that are the most effective contain a strong percentage of a chemical called DEET.

However, if you are wary of using anything with DEET in it, consider oil-based repellents or ones that carry the more mild element of picaridin.

You can even rub essential oils into your skin to get rid of mosquitoes.

Check out tea tree, cinnamon, and eucalyptus oils to do the trick. Other natural solutions include soaps derived from natural elements to keep mosquitoes away.

Lastly, when you are outdoors, get rid of mosquitoes and their bites by wearing lighter colored clothing. If possible, cover all exposed skin areas.

3. Mosquito-Proof Your Home

You can get rid of mosquitoes inside the home by proofing it to ensure impenetrability.

Check all of your home’s window screens, if you have them, for holes or tears. If you discover leakages, consider replacing these screens or keeping specific windows closed for a set period of time.

You can also repair leakages on the fly by using screen patches or home caulking.

Depending on the severity of your need to get rid of mosquitoes, you may want to invest in mosquito netting to protect yourself at night as you sleep.

This is particularly important for individuals who live in highly mosquito-prone environments.

Check any gaps or leakages that your doors present. You can feel these with weather stripping, caulk, or other materials.

If you have a lot of outdoor-indoor spaces in your home, such as a screened-in porch, prioritize these spaces when proofing.

Lastly, consider replacing any outdoor lights with ones that can get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are likely to avoid lights made of yellow LEDs, for example.

You may even want to hire a construction professional to survey your home and help you insect-proof it effectively.

4. Treat Your Yard

If you have an extensive yard of any kind, you could be attracting mosquitoes at all hours.

Treat your yard effectively to completely get rid of mosquitoes.

Check to see if your yard has any pools of standing water. These can include decorative pools, bird feeders, and fountains.

Regularly dispose of stagnant water, as mosquitoes love to cluster around the surface of still water.

Treat puddles by spreading out the stagnant water with a broom or shovel. Ensure that your gutters are unclogged regularly.

Keep your lawn clear of trash or objects that can accumulate water to create a mosquito breeding ground.

5. Install a Bug Zapper

Lastly, you can effectively get rid of mosquitoes by installing a bug zapper. You may have heard of these but haven’t yet gone about actually investigating one.

Bug zappers are easy to install and effective at eliminating mosquitoes immediately.

They work by attracting mosquitoes with a UV light source. Mosquitoes flock to this light source and then are killed through electrocution when they touch the source.

Other zappers may attract mosquitoes through emitted chemicals.

Ideally, homeowners can hang a bug zapper in a mosquito-prone area, such as a porch our outdoor setting.

When selecting a bug zapper, make sure you choose one that has sufficient power to effectively kill mosquitoes.

Lastly, identify a zapper that doesn’t involve too much maintenance.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be incredibly annoying, but they can also be dangerous.

You can limit your risk of contracting a harmful mosquito-borne disease by taking several steps to get rid of those mosquitoes today.

You can place strategic liquids outside to attract and drown mosquitoes.

Consider manual repellents and inspect your home for anything that might invite extra mosquitoes indoors.

Lastly, treat your yard for mosquito infestations and install a bug zapper to eliminate these pesky insects forever.

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