Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper – 16 Inch Review

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Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

There are a lot of things you can’t control. The noise of a barking dog, the ugly plants that grow in your backyard, and the flying insects that attack your house. But there is no problem that can’t be solved, right?

And for flying insects, there is a device that you can use to make sure that even if they get to enter your house, there is no way that they can reach you and your family to give you itchy bites. 

Presenting, the Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper!


  • Has better design and is more efficient than past versions
  • Emits light from all four sides plus its innovative design ensures to attract more flies, mosquitoes, and biting insects
  • Its 2,000-watt grid could instantly eliminate bugs and insects
  • Made of highest quality materials; consists of a protective and corrosion proof outer enclosure that makes sure this zapper is totally safe around humans and animals
  • Easy to clean with its washable and removable tray where dead insects are collected; also comes with a handy cleaning brush for easy removal of insects still stuck in the grid
  • Is durable as it is built to last and comes with a convenient stainless steel hang chain


The Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper is your new best friend at home in dealing with flying bugs! It has a sleek and modern design emitting ultraviolet light from all its four sides. This increases its range in capturing insects and attracts them to get closer and be electrocuted.

With its 2,000-watt grid, it is sure to kill flying insects in no time. Plus, you will no longer need dangling extension cords since it already comes with a power cable that has the double standard size. You can put it anywhere you want it to be!

You can also be sure that it is not substandard because its makers assured that it was made of materials of the highest quality. Furthermore, this insect trap is completely safe around your kids and pets because of its protective and corrosion-proof outer enclosure, making it the trusted child safe and pet safe insect killer.

No worries in cleaning it as well because it is built for easy cleanup. It has a removable and washable tray so you can effortlessly remove the zapped insects collected. Its outer body is expected for long use too because it is made of corrosion and scratch proof aluminum and ensures you are getting a really functional and robust product.

You can put and use it not only in your house but also in the office, restaurant, garage, shop, hospital, hotel, and a whole lot of others places.

It is ideally intended for indoor use but keep in mind that this zapper can also be used outdoors if it is placed in a dry spot. Make sure too that your children would not be able to reach this device easily. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Cleaning, as mentioned, it is quick and easy. But still, there are instances that big bugs can get caught in the grid that cause them to get stuck and smolder. Well, no worries on this because this product comes with a brush that you can use to remove large bugs.


Some complained that their zapper only lasted for just a couple of months. The lights do not work anymore. But even if it was still working, customers were already dismayed with its performance as it could not zap flies or any kind of mosquitoes. This is quite disappointing considering that its grid has a very high voltage.

Also, despite being approved by certain standards, it failed to impress, given that it has high-quality materials and is expected to last. And perhaps it has also to do with the fact that mosquitoes are not really attracted to ultraviolet light. Thus, this device will not kill mosquitoes because they do not go near it, making its electrocuting ability a bit useless.


Though some may not have been lucky enough to experience the wonders that this device brings, it still is recommendable as there are also many customers who claimed that this zapper was able to help them have a bug-free life. They are happy that this insect killer has the highest quality of materials since it was able to eliminate disturbing, flying bugs.

Also, it is very flexible since you can use it not just in your home but also in other places that equally need to eradicate bugs such as your office, in restaurants, garages, hospitals, shops, and other areas. Truly, the Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper can make lives more peaceful!

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