DynaTrap Mosquito Trap Review

1/4 acre Dynatrap

DynaTrap has been making environmentally friendly insect control products for the home since 2006. They make several insect traps for both interior or exterior use. Both the indoor and outdoor traps use the same methods, light and carbon dioxide, to attract insects. Although they also now have plug-in light traps. The DynaTraps are safe and … Read more

Do Propane Mosquito Traps Work?

propane mosquito traps

It’s summer and you want to spend some time in your yard. But there’s a problem – mosquitoes! They fly around your head, land on you, drink some blood, and leave behind an itchy welt. Annoying and, because of the diseases they spread, they can be dangerous. This has always been the case in hotter … Read more

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap Review

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus Review

You may have tried mosquito repellents or other methods to rid your yard of mosquitoes. But nothing seems to work, or else gives just some temporary respite. The Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus might be the solution to the annoying mosquitoes that make your evenings in the garden a nightmare. The propane burning traps give out a steady … Read more

Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap

Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap

The Mega-Catch Ultra is one of four traps produced by Mega-Catch. Female mosquitoes find their prey by using a combination of sensory clues such as heat, sweat, and carbon dioxide, to name just a few. This trap mimics these human or animal characteristics to entice mosquitoes into the trap where they die. The Ultra trap … Read more